Background and Philosophy


The Thomas More Centre has been publishing AD2000 since April 1988. It was begun by B.A. Santamaria for reasons which he describes in the first editorial, An Act of Folly or an Act of Faith?

150 issues later, in August 2001, the raison d'etre of AD2000 was restated by Michael Gilchrist in his article After 14 years, why does AD2000 continue? Michael concludes:

" ...the strengthening of orthodoxy through John Paul II's leadership, the leadership of new bishops, the rise of new movements in the Church and the consolidation of a determined laity are what constitute the beginning of a revival. AD2000 is committed to continuing its modest role in helping reconstruct and consolidate a new culture of life and orthodox Christian faith in Australia."


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Tell your friends. Existing subscribers are our best advertisement!

Tell your parish. Encourage your parish priest or minister to keep copies for sale at the back of the church. If your parish is not already receiving it, we can send some copies on consignment to get things started.

Leave a copy of AD2000 where it will be read. Around the house, in doctors' or hairdressers' waiting rooms ... wherever people are likely to have a few minutes and be attracted to its cover.

Pray for us. If it is God's will that we succeed, your prayers will help us more than anything else.