Zero tolerance (letter)

Zero tolerance (letter)

Alan A. Hoysted

J. Dekker (September AD2000) in no way answers my call "for zero tolerance" for sexual misconduct. Whether Jesus shows mercy to these traitors when they die is up to Him. What I am saying is that, in the past, bishops and others in authority have shown too much "forgiveness" and "mercy" and not enough common sense and concern for the welfare of their victims and protection of children from becoming future victims.

With their satanic cunning, paedophiles have deceived and made fools of their superiors, placing the Church in a position that seriously undermines her credibility and moral authority. They must be weeded out now. I repeat they don't deserve any sympathy or mercy from the Hierarchy, Clergy, Religious or the Laity of the Church they have betrayed.

Thomastown, Vic

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