Zero tolerance (letter)

Zero tolerance (letter)

Alan A. Hoysted

As the father of three, grandfather of three and a life-long practising Catholic, may I express my unending fury at the sickening activities of pedophiles within the Church? To think that priests and brothers would do such filthy and vile things to children defies belief.

Without doubt these males (I wouldn't dignify them by calling them "men") have sold out to the Devil and are akin to the "wolves in sheep's clothing" referred to in Matthew 7:15.

How did they get away with it for so long? I can only surmise that with the cunning typical of such individuals, they begged for forgiveness and compassion, promising to reform, and quoting Scripture to back up their pleas. Their repeat offences at various locations makes it apparent there was too much forgiveness and a deplorable lack of common sense by their then superiors.

I sympathise with Archbishops Pell and Hart having to deal with this inherited nauseating mess.

Not only have pedophiles callously scarred the lives of their young victims, but they have severely and cruelly hurt the loyal priests, brothers, monks, nuns and laity and the credibility of the institution of the Church itself.

We are all their victims and should not rest until every one guilty of any such offence, past present and future (one strike and you're out) is kicked out of Holy Orders in whatever area they occupy. There must be zero tolerance. They have put the Church in a terrible position and must not be shown any mercy. They don't deserve any.

Even Jesus Himself said of anyone "giving scandal to any of my little ones" that "it would be better for him to have a millstone placed around his neck and drowned in the depths of the sea." No mercy there, even from Our Lord.

There must be no mercy from the Church in 2002. Weed them out. Now!

Alan A. Hoysted
Thomastown, Vic

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