Year of the Lord (letter)

Year of the Lord (letter)

Fr Chrysostom Alexander

Your paragraph (March AD2000, p. 4) on the projected abolition in the UK of the letters "AD" from the numerals of the year was the cause of some dismay.

The degree of dismay deepened considerably, however, on the accidental discovery that a number of Sydney Catholic schools have been promoting this concept for some time now.

In one instance, which occurred about two years ago, a (then) Year 11 pupil recounted how his class had been required to replace BC and AD with BCE and CE in Religious Studies essays. Failure to comply was dealt with by deduction of marks. When the pupil in question voiced his objections, the teacher allegedly retorted: "Oh, I thought you were a nice boy!" (Emphasis mine).

Having been relegated to the company of unrepentant nasties, the lad later left the school because of its pathetic religion program.

Another young teacher of devout Catholic upbringing told me quite recently how this part of the curriculum caused distress to some of her young pupils unwilling to see Our Lord removed from his place in history. That she could see nothing wrong in this was no doubt the result of years of diluted RE taking their toll.

To make any objection is to invite the accusation of intolerance. The mother of the not-so-nice boy summed it up all rather neatly when she said: "It seems we have to be tolerant of all faiths except the Catholic!"

Campsie, NSW

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