World government

World government

Emidio Restall

Man-made global warming caused by increasing carbon dioxide emissions is the central doctrine of a new belief system whose aims include the formation of an unelected world government with sweeping powers.

It would be a UN body, the same UN that gave us the 'oil for food' bribery scandal with Saddam Hussein, ongoing corruption, Darfur, and the likes of a Human Rights Commission headed by representatives of freedom-loving Libya, China, Sudan and Cuba.

Anthropogenic global warming is a scientific hypothesis which can and should be tested by observation. Scepticism is essential to science and the accusation that those who do not support the theory are in the pay of 'big oil' is a device to avoid discussing the real scientific issues. It is up to the promoters of the theory to prove it, not for others to disprove it.

There is no long term correlation linking CO2 to global warming. Research clearly shows CO2 levels have increased after a warming period as a result of oceans giving off CO2 as they warm, oceans being the largest carbon sink.

It is always a good proposition to follow the money. In this case the snouts in the trough include academics, extreme environmentalists, bureaucrats, bankers, speculators, carbon traders, brokers, lawyers and accountants, not to mention Al Gore.

Werribee, Vic

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