Women's Commission (2) (letter)

Women's Commission (2) (letter)

Dr Myles M. Kehoe

My congratulations and thanks to Michael Gilchrist on his excellent article on the Commission for Australian Catholic Women.

He clearly demonstrates the foolish nonsense that some of our respected bishops condone, and even actively encourage, to satisfy the raucous noise from a few paranoid feminists, while they refuse to acknowledge or tackle the crisis in Catholic education and the pleas for true leadership from the dwindling population of orthodox Catholics, who struggle to preserve the Faith of our fathers against those who should be protecting it.

It would be funny in a macabre sort of way if the creation of such vacuous bureaucracy did not involve considerable expenditure of Church funds - of which the bishops are the trustees, not the owners. That makes it tragic.

It was of interest to note in at least one parish, the activity of the holy nuns when the Archbishop invited submissions of subjects for discussion at a forthcoming synod. Almost without exception, they were exhorting the laity to request the ordination of women and the restoration of the Third Rite of Reconciliation.

It is difficult to understand why, with few exceptions, those bishops who have so much concern for the perceived persecution of a few Catholic women, appear to be so silent on the fate of embryos, and have so little to say publicly on abortion, contraception, euthanasia, embryo research and the pressing moral issues threatening to destroy our nation. Even the liturgical aberrations to which we are subjected do not seem to interest them.

Isaacs, ACT

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