Women priests

Women priests

Francis Vrizmoed

According a survey conducted in February 2012 by the Irish radio station, News Talk, 70% of Irish priests favoured the ordination of women.

As Ireland is known as a country with an age-old solid Catholic culture, the conclusion of this survey could be that the overall proportion of Catholic priests favouring women's ordination would be roughly be the same (70%), if not higher.

Such a situation is shocking, given that the question of women priests concerns sacramental theology and is therefore not a matter of discipline like clerical celibacy.

Catholics holding such a view are in effect claiming that the Catholic Church is no longer the one true Church of Christ, since it has, from the very beginning, refused to administer one of the seven sacraments to half the population of Catholic faithful.

Since Pope John Paul II made clear in his apostolic letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis that a male-only priesthood was definitive Church teaching and not open to debate, any Catholic, priest or lay person, who holds this view is no longer a Church member in good standing.

Yuen Long, NT,
Hong Kong, China

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