Why not adoption?

Why not adoption?

Tom King

The issue of surrogacy support by Queensland's Labor Government has raised concerns about an emerging identity crisis. Here the political, media and church attention served as a welcome diversion from the government-subsidised abortion growth industry.

At the very time we have politicians pondering about the volume of immigration needed to satisfy future industrial expansion in certain areas, the silence surrounding abortion is palpable.

While this issue has been skirted by all political players in what was promoted as a principled debate. we cannot claim to be honest or objective until church, state and media promote adoption as an alternative to abortion for vulnerable women.

Queensland's adoption service should be above party political manipulation and it would be interesting to know of the situation in other States.

In Queensland 57 children were available for transfer to awaiting, suitable adoptive parents during the period 2005 to 2009.

However, while couples await on the register for an infant, some 20,000 potential Australians are aborted in Queensland.

Mansfield, Qld

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