Why apologise?

Why apologise?

Concerned Catholic

I am disheartened to note that Pope Benedict XVI heeded the advice of his counsellors to make a public apology of sorts for causing upset in quoting a historical text to illustrate a point in a lecture to theological students on 'faith and reason.'

Quite obviously he was not making a public speech but addressing a private group of university students on a specific scholarly topic. Yet he was called upon to apologise. What is the world coming to!

I was astounded to hear on TV one Muslim cleric charging the Pope with 'provoking people to go after and attack Muslims'. Hadn't this individual heard of 9/11 and the numerous other incidents the world over where Islamists have pursued their homicidal terror campaign.

Yet we in the free world are not even allowed to utter the word 'crusade'. The sooner decent people everywhere wake up the better.

By giving in to the Islamic extremists and pandering to their whims and fancies we only encourage them to persist with their violence.

This was underlined by the brutal murder of Sister Leonella Sgorbati who forgave her killers as she lay dying on the pavement in Mogadishu, Somalia, which some said was in retribution for the Pope's 'insult to Islam'.

The sooner these murderous fanatics are rounded up and brought to book the better.

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