What is Heaven?

What is Heaven?

Winsome De Jong

Thank you Andrew Sholl for your letter titled "The Second Coming" (April AD2000). It sheds new light for me on the Gospel meaning. Although I have completed a Diploma in Theology, I was not aware of this.

I would now like to mention another matter unrelated to the letter. It involves a description of Heaven. Last year Cardinal George Pell on Q&A (ABC television) was asked by a person in the audience to describe Heaven. And just recently the Archbishop of Brisbane was asked also to describe Heaven by a person in the audience on Q&A.

I was frustrated by the responses given because the descriptions of Heaven as presented by them, I felt, would not win over the person in the street. So upon reflection and prayer I perceived an idea of Heaven that truly relates for me and I thought I would share it with others.

Heaven is a state of being. It is a time when the human beings pass beyond their earthly lives and their souls are transformed into a state of grace. When people receive the state of grace they are one with Christ and all heavenly beings. When they ascend to grace they enter a heaven: a state created by Christ for those He deems worthy. To experience Heaven is to know the truth and purity of God's wisdom.

When this state is achieved the human form becomes a heavenly body and enters into the realm of Christ's Kingdom. God's Kingdom is for those He chooses and who in their lives have believed in Christ's teachings and exercised His love in their daily tasks.

Irrewillipe East, Vic

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