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The month of April 2015 covers the most holy period of the Christian calendar: from Holy Week which traces the events leading up to the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday, the sadness of Holy Saturday, and the extraordinary events of Easter Sunday when Jesus conquered death and rose triumphant from the dead.

In hindsight, it was clear that Jesus had repeatedly foretold his disciples that he, the Son of Man, had to suffer and die on the Cross, but they had not understood what he had been saying.

They had believed that he was the Messiah, the anointed one of God who was going to set his people free, but like the rest of the Jewish people, they understood the Messiah as the liberator who would free his people from the yoke of Roman domination.

It was only after he rose from the dead that they began to understand that his death and resurrection were part of the Divine plan, to reverse the effects of the sin of Adam, to free not just the Jewish people but all mankind.

This issue contains two feature articles referring to Jesus’ passion: the Reflection homily given in St Peter’s Basilica on Good Friday in 2013, and Andrew Sholl’s examination of Pontius Pilate’s inscription on the Holy Cross.

Other articles feature the extraordinary resurgence in vocations to the priesthood across Australia, the controversial comments by Italian fashion designers on same-sex marriage, feature articles by Anne Lastman and Audrey English, and much more.

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