Wake-up call

Wake-up call

Fr Bernard McGrath

Some people protest that society and government should not impose traditional morality on them. They think they should have a free choice to do as they wish as long as they do not harm others (cf. J.S. Mill).

The Australian Constitution, like nearly all those of Western nations, acknowledges God and presumes all laws will be based on the Judeo-Christian heritage of natural law (e.g., US Constitution and Universal Charter of Human Rights).

If there were no traditional moral laws 'imposed' on society there would be no protection from the harm done by lying, cheating, fraud, stealing, rape, murder, abortion, euthanasia, suicide, pornography, etc.

These are all unnatural perversions because they reject the clear rational analysis of the good due to the nature of man in society (mutual rights and duties) for peace and prosperity.

True freedom and happiness come from doing what we should/ ought to do by natural law; not by doing whatever we feel like doing or prefer to think is best. Otherwise we become slaves to passion or opinion (relativism).

Democracy and the market economy work well enough only when they are firmly based on Judeo-Christian morality. This means suitable law interventions for justice and equity welfare for the genuine needy in society and for times of disaster, wars and the dangers of any dominant person or group selfishly seeking to pursue greed, lust or power for their own satisfactions.

Society cannot function in a moral vacuum. It needs not only physical capital, e.g., money, manpower, productivity, etc, but also social/moral capital, e.g., respect for human rights and duties, honesty, trust, integrity, prudence, courage and, most of all, meaning and purpose, temporal and spiritual, for life and living (Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate).

All our social institutions must snap out of this trance. We need stricter homes and schools, stronger churches and police (with zero tolerance powers), disciplined sports clubs (with character first) and the media under strict control so as not to pander to the weak and young with the false appeals of porn, alcohol, drugs, sex and violence that can so easily lead to depraved and feral behaviour as we have seen all too often on the streets.

God help us all if our leaders don't wake up soon to these realities.

Bendigo, Vic

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