Visionary (letter)

Visionary (letter)

Tom King

Just how profound and visionary was the intuition of B.A. Santamaria, when in 1988 he was motivated to commission the AD2000 concept.

The question is answered, if we but contemplate the concerted assault that is currently being sustained against the Church institution and, very particularly, the present and past priests, nuns and brothers.

Not only has no adequate "defence" been mounted on behalf of the vast majority of committed, decent and innocent clergy and religious, but no encouragement or "resource" has been made available to facilitate rebuttal of the malicious and organised assaults being co-ordinated against the substantially eroded Church body.

The absence of limiting statutes, such as have application in other countries and in certain States of the USA, should be exercising the minds and talents of the Australian Catholic hierarchy and lay legal fraternity.

For a society that claims to respect the rule of law and justice to tolerate the acceptance as "fact" allegations of criminal behaviour, that are retrospective for 30, 40 or even 60 years, is indictment, of itself, of the credibility or sincerity of the alleged victim. When the inducement of cash reward is added, then the motivation is highly suspect.

The Church in Australia is in crisis! Contemplate, for just a moment, the effect the on-going sensationalised media reports and vague allegations, directed towards the living or the dead (both are considered fair game), is having on young impressionable Catholic children, who are developing in trendy educational environments.

Then endeavour to justify the attitude of many of our Church leadership, who treat AD2000 as some subversive publication, to be banned from sale or distribution on church premises, and you may conclude, we, as a Church in crisis, are dividing our resources and giving comfort to the enemy. May we wake up before it is too late.

Elanora, Qld

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