Vision of Heaven?

Vision of Heaven?

Peter Harris

Winsome de Jong (May AD 2000) said that the explanation given by Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Mark Coleridge, when asked their definition of Heaven on ABC's Q&A, would not "win over the man in the street." Winsome, I too would need a Diploma in Theology to understand your vision of Heaven: "... souls being transformed into a state of Grace and then they enter a Heaven."

You said, "Heaven is to know the truth and purity of God's wisdom." I believe I know the truth and purity of God's wisdom and do not experience Heaven though I consider myself reasonably intelligent. To me, Heaven is simply the abode of God, wherever that may be, together with the spirits of those who have lived by His commandments.

Returning to Cardinal Pell, I did not see him on Q&A, but was told he gave an enlightened and polished interview.

Tweed Heads, NSW

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