One of the great positives of recent times has been the long overdue move towards much-needed and deserved women's rights, particularly in the work place.

Unfortunately, as with so many human issues, some take things to extreme.

Leading Australian Catholic abortion/pro-life counsellor, Anne Lastman, in her Australia-wide periodical, has correctly castigated the "champagne-toasting extremist feminist politicians celebrating their 'victory of sorts'."

These women appear totally ignorant of the fact that they have just authorised a new and deadly way of killing new life in their mothers wombs, with the possibilitity of some mothers suffering life- threatening after-effects.

So how can this be seen as a "victory". And for whom? What a sad situation indeed.

Sadly, it seems that the new "poorest of the poor" is to be found in the womb.

Elizabeth East, SA

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