Victoria stops class-time religious instruction

Victoria stops class-time religious instruction

Arnold Jago

Victoria’s government schools will cancel class-time religious instruction from 2016.

To be replaced, they say, by new content on world cultures, faiths and ethics – plus compulsory classes about domestic violence and “respectful relationships”.

Children will hear how respect for others is desirable, not because the others are our brothers and sisters, children of the same Father (God) … No, that’s out of fashion.

The reason to be nice, they’ll be told, is because then others will be nice to us.

But that idea has had no credibility since the human race started being selfish – a long time ago.

People won’t stop being careless of the needs of others without a logical motive to do so.

Leave God out and you’re left with an ethical vacuum.

Nichols Point, Vic

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