Vatican II

Vatican II

John Schmid

The recent debate in AD2000 on the Church's infallible teaching and Vatican II may well be confusing to some readers.

John Young, Peter Howard and Frank Mobbs have all made different contributions.

I believe that the Magisterium should be the reference point for this issue. It gave a clear answer to the Dubium on the teaching on the impossibility of the Church ordaining women as priests, so no-one can now be unsure as to whether Ordinatio Sacerdotalis is an infallible teaching.

If the Magisterium is unsure as to the status of teaching in Vatican II, then our three correspondents are unlikely to come up with authoritative answers either.

However, I am certain the Magisterium, as in the Dubium on Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, does know the answers, even if they are not always clearly stated. Perhaps another answer to a another Dubium is needed. The Magisterium should not have to rely on the laity to determine the status of its teachings.

Of course this does not rule out clarifications of teachings by doctors of the church and orthodox theologians which can prove helpful.

Boronia, Vic

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