Vaccines and abortion

Vaccines and abortion

Judy Law

I wonder if AD2000 readers have any idea that aborted fetal cells are providing a lucrative source for vaccination and medical products?

Just recently I found an article on a website titled "Aborted Fetal Cell Line Vaccines And The Catholic Family: A Moral Perspective" (

It is written by Debra L. Vinnedge, Executive Director, Children of God for Life, and endorsed with editorial contributions from Bishop Robert F. Vasa of Baker, Fr Thomas Euteneuer, President HLI, and a number of priests.

It exposes the truth about the vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines and the serious health dangers linked to vaccines for diseases not considered life-threatening.

The Children of God for Life introduced the Fair Labelling and Informed Consent Act to the US Congress in January 2004. This would force the pharmaceutical industry to provide full disclosure and informed consent on all products that use aborted fetal or embryonic cell lines, cloned or produced otherwise.

They have also succeeded in obtaining an ethical smallpox vaccine and are currently trying to bring an ethical alternative for the abortion-tainted rubella vaccine into the United States. They hope that pro-life consumers will demonstrate that they can provide a solid market for ethical and alternate vaccines and halt further demand for the harvesting and marketing of aborted human beings.

I am saddened and angry to find that the vaccines I have trusted, received, and allowed to be given to my children over the years were made from cell lines derived from aborted human foetuses.

I pray that every reader will read the above article and pass on the truth.

Mackay, Qld

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