Using the missal at Mass

Using the missal at Mass

Charles M. Shann

With regard to Anne Lastman's letter in AD2000 regarding reading from the missal during Mass, I would contend that for the most part, people who read from their missal pay more attention to the Mass than those who do not.

It is not at all uncommon when one makes a remark about a reading to someone after Mass, that they cannot tell you what it was about, but one will find that those who read their missal will be able to recall it.

When the Mass was in Latin, one always read the English version on the opposite page, and quite frankly I believe that greater attention was given to the Canon then, than is now case, and the priest is obliged to read from the missal for the whole of the Canon.

If Anne Lastman has EWTN and watches the Pope saying Mass, as I often do, she will note that he always reads from the missal, and if it is good enough for him, it is good enough for the rest of us.

Fifty odd years ago when I converted to Catholicism, I had only schoolboy Latin, and if it hadn't been for the missal, I would have found it very hard indeed. As it was, I picked it up quickly, and when travelling overseas, I found it wonderful that the Mass, worldwide, was in Latin.

As for apps: they have their place too, and I think that they usually encourage better singing, especially if one has some decent hymns – which is somewhat rare these days.

Warwick, Qld

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