Use of iPhone at Mass ...

Use of iPhone at Mass ...

Audrey English

While I have the greatest respect for Anne Lastman and her ideas, may I differ in respect to the use of iPhones to participate in the Mass.

As a little old lady having to rely on a stick for walking, I am unable to carry my beautiful (and expensive) daily Missal. Many of my friends – also in my age group – have ceased to bring their Missal to Mass because of its size and weight.

Younger people seldom follow the readings with a book. Their hearing is probably more acute but it seems to me that listening is complemented by taking in the message with our eyes as well as with our ears.

I also feel that a congregation discretely moving a finger on a phone is no worse than one which is page turning. Thank you Peter for your detailed explanation of the technology. I'm looking forward to getting the Australian version of the readings so I can join in the responses.

Sydney, NSW

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