Unwelcome truth

Unwelcome truth

Brian Coman

It is sheer madness to think that a same sex union can suddenly become a "marriage" merely by changing a few words in a civil law.

No words of ours whether inside or outside an act of parliament or any other statute can magically change something that is not marriage into marriage. In other words marriage is what it is, always was and always will be. Agitators for so called "gay marriage" simply demonstrate an unlimited capacity to rationalise in order to justify an action or to avoid an unwelcome truth.

The truth is that our bodies (male and female) are designed to complement each other for the continuance of our species and, as distasteful as it may be to some, the pleasures of sex are put there in pursuance of the same objective. Which is why marriage is considered blessed by peoples everywhere and why it has been described as a natural entity based on reason.

In short, a same sex union can never become marriage because marriage presupposes a man and a woman and that fact will ever be so. Supporters of same sex unions are smart enough to know all this so I conclude that the real objective is not to equalise the two sorts of relationships, which they know can never be achieved. but to dupe the more gullible among us into thinking that there is no difference.

The nail in the coffin of the attempt to falsely equate same sex unions with marriage will, I believe, be driven home by ordinary people like ourselves who will never accept that such unions are occasions for rejoicing as are marriages.

A moment's thought should tell just what it is about marriage that provides such universal joy and that there is no such element in a same sex union.

Mordialloc, Vic

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