Unwarranted changes

Unwarranted changes

John McLaren

I was pleased to read the article titled 'Did Vatican II recommend the removal of altar rails?' by M. Cassey. I am of the opinion that many informed and practising Catholics would agree with the comments made.

The author has presented a reasoned argument for the retention of altar rails and demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of Church teaching, tradition and architecture. Unfortunately, the perceived need for change for its own sake has tended to dominate Church policies wherever the 'trendies' are in decision making positions. However, there is a glimmer of light now shining in the form of a liberalising of the Latin Mass, details of which appeared on page 10 of the same issue of AD2000.

With reference to 'active participation', I have noticed on some occasions when there are Baptisms during Mass and on other occasions such as Confirmation, a lack of respect in the vicinity of the sanctuary is shown by excessive talking and general noise caused by persons taking photographs and video recording.

Beecroft, NSW

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