Unseen kindness

Unseen kindness

Anne Lastman

Belatedly I got to read the June issue of AD2000 and the article by Brian Peachey "Archbishop Hickey: tribute to an outstanding Church Leader." What a marvellous and beautiful Shepherd and what a legacy he leaves the to Church. What an inspiration. And what Brian Peachey has enumerated are only the public efforts and not the quiet ones where his shepherding has been unseen.

I would add to his many acts of kindness a genuine love and respect because of his loyalty to the people he has known for a lifetime, including my family. He has never forgotten us and even in the past year officiated at my Mum's funeral.

He has been an unseen (at times seen) guest at our family dinners, weddings, and times of consolation, following his return from Rome from the late 1950s to the early 1960s, and throughout his life in the Church in Perth. My Mum always said, "Fr Hickey: very good priest." He always remained "Fr Hickey" to her and to us, and she always spoke with reverence to him and about him. And so he has been with all our family for the last 50 years: just "Fr Hickey" and much loved.

Thank you "Fr Hickey" from Mum and Dad (RIP) and all our big family, we have appreciated your love and care. May your retirement bring you a time of happy peace. God Bless.

Vermont South, Vic

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