Two Poems on the Passion

Two Poems on the Passion

Marion Craig and Brian Mulligan


In that dark garden suddenly alive
With torches and with men
Peter - maddened by this
The traitor's kiss, strikes blindly with his sword
And off comes the right ear of Malchus Servant of Caiphas
High priest of that year.
"Put up your sword" says the Lord
Touching the bloody space of grinding pain
and - lo! - the ear is there again.
All is restored before they drag the healing Lord
To torture, death, disgrace.
And on that day what does Malchus say?
History is dumb, what did he become?
Malchus, servant of the High Priest
What did he become?

Marion Craig

On Calvary Hill

What were you thinking Jesus,
As you walked to Calvary.
Suffering as you did to set us free.
Seeing your mother trying to hide her pain
As your footsteps faltered time and time again.
Falling three times on that rocky road,
Weighed down by your heavy load.
Knowing that it was your Father's will
That you would be crucified on Calvary Hill.

Brian Mulligan

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