Two Loves

Two Loves

John Meston

Magdala and Lisieux! A world apart!
The sin-strewn path of one, so well we know,
The other, cloistered, pierced by seraph's dart,
A light upon the mount, a beacon's glow.

Mary! To love Him deepest as did she!
Her tears, her hair, the nard, He was her All!
True penitent was she, as we must be
To hear Our Saviour's Judgement Day sweet call.

Thérèse ("I shall be love!") feared not each fall,
With childlike trust, she sought her Father's arms;
The lowest place she chose, most safe of all,
Humility grows there, midst martyrs' palms.

Magdalen and Thérèse! Two LOVES apart,
God grant both Loves love Thee, in this poor heart.

Dedicated to my dear wife, Jeanette (and inspired by the tour of the Relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux).

Goulburn, NSW

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