True Church

True Church

E. Makaus

Mr Alan Barron states that 'God is no respecter of persons, nor favours one denomination over another' (October AD2000).

The reality is that God favours with incomparable love, the one and only Church, founded by His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, on Peter, the Rock, who had the mandate, along with his successors through the ages down to the present Pope to keep the Lord's teaching whole, intact.

That Church, of divine origin, is one, holy, apostolic, universal and indivisible. She holds the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and her name is the invincible Catholic Church.

She has the duty to speak out against errors disseminated by whichever denominations, even if it causes discomfort to proponents of untruths. Her mission is to uphold and teach and proclaim the Truth.

East Malvern ,Vic

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