Translation hang-up

Translation hang-up

Fran Swindale

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry when I read letters like Philip Holberton's ‘Missal Translation’.

I have been saying ‘for us and for our salvation’ for at least ten years. The Church has not fallen down; I continue to be faithfully involved in my parish and deeply committed to my chosen (not inherited) faith.

Yes, I am a woman Mr Holberton, and perhaps your primitive idea of a feminist, but I have never denigrated anyone, and possibly driven them away from the Church. We Catholics are so blessed; even after twenty-seven years as a convert I still thank God for calling me to the faith, and celebrate the day on which I was received.

So do not get hung up on one word Mr Holberton. Try a little reading about Lydia, Nympha, Phoebe, Prisca, Junia, Julia, Nereus, Ammia, Quintilla and Perpetua, to mention a few women in the New Testament. You may have given me a topic for my Masters in Theology. Oh dear, I forgot to mention that I am educated as well!

Stratton, WA

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