Peter Hill

I have just completed an online parliamentary survey on two bills before parliament on homosexual  marriage, I was asked to state the reasons for my answers and I present them to you as I recorded them.

My children and grandchildren are descended from an original couple who married in Australia. That marriage tradition is centuries, even millennia, old.

I had the right to such a marriage (by unchallenged definition between a man and a woman), but now our cultural heritage is under threat of destruction by a very small minority of homosexual activists and their supporters.

If these bills are not rejected then my children, and future generations, will lose their current constitutional right to a marriage defined solely as a union between a man and a woman.

If marriage can be redefined to suit this latest demand, then one can reasonably foresee marriage being redefined in other ways, such as polygamy, multisexual unions (say a bi-sexual man with a man and a woman), marriage with and between consenting minors, marriage between a brother and a sister, or two brothers or two sisters, or a father and a son, or a mother and a son, or any other combination that some people might seek.

 Culburra Beach, NSW

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