Total love

Total love

Madge Fahy

I disagree with Dr Mobbs' comments regarding Anne Lastman's article on Humanae Vitae. Total love includes every part of the human person, including the reproductive organs.

We are now living with the results of contraception with our young people being taught that there is no such thing as sin, so do whatever you like, when you like, and with whom you like. The choice is yours.

What they are not taught is that this freedom comes with a high price (even using contraceptives) as they do not prevent the spread of STIs which can have long-lasting medical consequences.

Despite the promotion of contraceptives in order to reduce unplanned pregnancies, it has failed in the past and will fail in the future. The Guttmacher Institute reports that nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended, and 54 per cent of women who have abortions have used a contraceptive method during the month they became pregnant.

Let us not forget that the contraceptive pill is classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a Group 1 Carcinogen – carcinogenic to humans – the same level as tobacco and asbestos.

Ashwood, Vic

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