Top Ten AD2000 Books for 2002

Top Ten AD2000 Books for 2002

1. Demons and Democrats: 1950s Labor at the Crossroads
(Gavan Duffy, $27.95)

2. Becoming Fire: Introduction to the Spiritual Life
(Fr Ken Barker, $22.00)

3. St Thérèse of Liseaux: From the Four Corners of the World

4. George Pell
(Tess Livingstone, $22.00)

5. Meaninglessness: The Solutions of Nietzsche, Freud and Rorty
(M.A. Casey. $33.00)

6. Open Embrace: A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception
(Sam & Bethany Torode. $22.00)

7. Living the Catholic Faith
(Archbishop Chaput, $22.00)

8. Prove it Church
(Amy Welborn. $16.95)

9. Right and Reason
(Austin Fogethy, $49.95)

10. Dynamics of World History
(Christopher Dawson, $34.95)

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