Theology at ACU

Theology at ACU

Henk Verhoeven

Perusing "Notes from a theology unit at ACU" (March AD2000), I at first assumed this referred to a summary of views espoused by "I do it my way" Catholics.

I was then astonished to learn that the litany of unorthodox opinions had been recorded by a student doing a series of lectures that formed part of a program leading to a Diploma of Religious Education at a Sydney campus of Australian Catholic University.

How can an institution, in which such academics are allowed to pass on their dissenting views to students, be seriously classified as Catholic?

An observation was made during one lecture (in the AD2000 report) that ACU must become secular or it will not survive. For the survival of souls, turning off ACU's life-support would be a better alternative.

Beacon Hill, NSW

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