The Sermon at Templestowe

The Sermon at Templestowe

Bruce Dawe

The finest sermon that I ever heard
Was at a monastery once at Templestowe
- It wasn't just what was said, but every word
Pointed beyond itself the way to go ...

I couldn't if I saw him now be sure
if it was him at all (except to say
that in speaking he would open the self-same door
through which the Spirit entered on that day).

For what was said was simply like a cloak
Giving body to invisibility
(You knew he lived the life for which he spoke
And whose order thus had bound him to be free).

I imagine when the disciples heard Our Lord
Speak there was often then a similar sense
Linking the past in memorable accord
To the present and yet-to-be-lived-through future tense.

So, too, through time and flesh we've known the Word
speak as it said to Matthew, 'Follow me ...'
- guilty as tax-gatherers we've heard
and the rest (as the saying goes) is 'history'.

-Bruce Dawe-

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