The power of one (letter)

The power of one (letter)

Brian Harris

The power of one can be amazing, such persons as:

* The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, who lived under the Nazis and the Communists and saved poor Jews at the risk of his own life. When he goes to God he will have the title of "Pope John Paul II the Great".

* Bob Santamaria played a major part in saving the Australian people from the all too real threat of communism.

* Archbishop Daniel Mannix, who strove to strengthen and direct Catholicism in Victoria and beyond in a practical and saintly manner, and helped many people to see there is a crucial link between church and state.

* There are those people who do their humble jobs to a heroic degree and who offer their works to God.

* Lastly, Saint Thomas More of whom it was said that in season and out of season, come what may, he put his God first and paid for it with his life.

>Hadfield, Vic

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