The Pope and “climate change”

The Pope and “climate change”

Charles M. Shann

It is amusing to note that the media are quoting His Holiness The Pope with regard to Climate Change and seeming to suggest that the Prime Minister, a practising Catholic, ought to agree with him.

I would like to point out that in this case His Holiness does not speak infallibly as it is not a matter of faith or morals; nor does he claim it to be so.

I am sure that like myself, the Prime Minister would be happy to agree with regard to man’s effect on climate change, if those assuring us that it is so, can prove without doubt that man was responsible for the Earth’s emergence from the first and second ice ages, and from the Medieval Warming and Little Ice Age.

The International Panel on Climate Change ignored the two latter in their findings on global warming, thus distorting their report and showing their bias.

Nobody in their right mind would deny climate change; it has been with us from the very beginning many millions of years ago and long before the appearance of the first man on earth.

Influenced by the opinion of many of the world’s greatest geologist and scientists, I contend that it is the positioning of the sun with regard to earth, that brings about climate change, and although man may now make some minor contribution to this, the warming or freezing will continue regardless of what man may do.

It has become more political than truly scientific. I am totally opposed to pollution as are all sensible people, but I do not believe that man is the cause of global warming.

Warwick, Queensland.

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