The Pell case (letter)

The Pell case (letter)

Alan A. Hoysted

Michael Barnard's article "Justice smothered by veil of secrecy" (Sunday Herald Sun, 20 October) points out a great injustice done to Archbishop George Pell.

Although exonerated by an independent enquiry, Dr Pell's good name has been unfairly dragged through the mud by a cowardly individual with a long criminal record who remains anonymous.

This must never happen again to a person in the public domain.

Accusers should put up publicly or shut up. The part played in this unsavoury affair by Broken Rites reflects badly on them.

I hope that Dr Pell will consider taking legal action to demonstrate that people cannot sling mud with impunity in the hope of financial reward.

Thomastown, Vic

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