The Passion of the Christ (letter)

The Passion of the Christ (letter)

Arnold Jago

When Canadian journalist Michael Coren originally saw The Passion of the Christ at a cinema, he wasn't impressed. He gave it a bad review.

Recently he bought The Passion on DVD and something happened.

Coren had been involved in evangelical religion for years. "But now," he says, "I'm convinced that the Church founded by Christ is the Roman Catholic Church.

"The centre of Christianity is not symbolism, but a literal instruction: 'Take and eat, for this is my Body. Take and drink, for this is the chalice of my Blood.'

"The alternating scenes of the Last Supper and of Christ's suffering annoyed me when I first saw the movie. Now these flashes of truth shine a unique light. I believe Jesus is present on the altar at Mass.

"Don't tell me the Church's failings. I've met lousy Catholics and good Catholics. Not relevant. It's the truth of the belief, not the failure or success of alleged followers, that matters.

"Something else. Mary isn't merely a background figure. Through her eyes I see the life and death of Jesus again. She is sublime and perfect, the Mother of us all.

"Mary weeps for her son. Her tears and His blood mingle to bathe the world in hope and love. Despair is smothered. Sin is cleansed. Yes, I see it now. I see it so clearly."

Mildura, Vic

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