The Passion - No ordinary man (letter)

The Passion - No ordinary man (letter)

Jony Joordens

In his article on Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, David Schutz suggests that the scourging scene was overdone. However, according to a vision of Saint Bridget of Sweden, Jesus told her that he had received one thousand blows to his body, adding that the wound on his shoulder was the hardest to bear.

No ordinary man could have lived through such torture; but Jesus was no ordinary man, being the incarnate Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

In fact, Our Lord's suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane could be considered more excruciating than his crucifixion because in a sense he had to alienate himself from his Father in Heaven as he took on all the sins of mankind - prompting him to cry out: "My soul is sorrowful, even unto death. Stay here and watch" (St Mark 14:34).

With David Schutz I found it very satisfying that the truth about Mary's suffering and her intercessory position with Jesus was so beautifully adhered to, and congratulate Mel Gibson for a job well done.

Creswick, Vic

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