The new barbarism

The new barbarism

Fr. B. McGrath

If barbarism replaces our Judeo-Christian civilisation it will take centuries to restore human rights, decencies and peace again. In varying degrees history has told us as much.

Many wonder where society is heading. Although we will never have a perfect world, there is worse behaviour than ever from many people who should know better.

Culture is based on comrnon beliefs and values. Democracy alone can never decide this because a majority could dominate and believe they know best. When might becomes right, basic human rights are not guaranteed as in China today.

Cultural relativism, the uncritical acceptance of any behaviour whatsoever undermines our basic common values. We cannot tolerate this.

Australia's legal and political system, though not perfect, best safeguards our values. Our Anglo- Celtic culture, based on the strong ]udeo-Christian tradition from which our laws and morality have grown has stood the test of time.

Too much emphasis is put on the selfish "rights" of people to the neglect of their responsibillties and this litigious attitude is paralysing good relations. Common sense is required.

Our Judeo-Christian belief that we are creatures made in God's image and destined to share God's life for ever is the basis of the sanctity of human life. But many reject or neglect this truth, and sow the seeds of destruction of our civilisation and rush to satisy their greed and lust at any price. There will be hell to pay for this.

Inglewood, Vic

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