The Leonine Prayers

The Leonine Prayers

Kevin McManus

With the escalation of the battle between the Church and the anti-life forces, she needs all the heavenly aid that can be had.

It seems time for serious consideration to be given to the restoration of the Leonine Prayers after Mass.

Surely there is some correlation between their elimination and the 'smoke of Satan' that entered at the same time.

The liturgists' argument that the 'Ite missa est' (Go the Mass is ended) dismissal justified their suppression is totally specious in view of all the trimmings we now have after that dismissal - parish notices, lectures by lay people, presentations of awards, clapping, etc.

Even the recessional hymn, which has now become compulsory - although Cardinal Pell's new book on the Mass says it is optional - destroys utterly any argument against the Prayer to Saint Michael.

Let us bring back Saint Michael and his heavenly host.

Ashfield, NSW

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