The Jesuits (letter)

The Jesuits (letter)

Felix Moore

The article, "The Jesuits: 150 years of ministry in Australia" (November AD2000), rightly drew attention to the great work that the Jesuits have done in this country over the last 150 years.

But, in a manner that an unfriendly critic might describe as "Jesuitical," the article neglected to comment on the current disarray of the order. For it is essential to note that the Jesuits have changed. As a recent Jesuit publication put it, they have had a reformation and no longer follow the models of the past.

The result? Well, their numbers are plummeting to the extent that the Jesuit publication assessed it as problematic whether there will be any Jesuits left to celebrate their 200th anniversary in Australia.

Sure, let's celebrate the achievements of the past, but let's also keep our eyes open to present problems. Otherwise, we will find the Church in Australia succumbing to the difficulties that the future holds.

Dickson, ACT

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