The Holy Shroud, by Antonio Cassanelli

The Holy Shroud, by Antonio Cassanelli

Gabrielle Walsh

by Antonio Cassanelli

(Gracewing, 2002, translated from Italian by Brian Williams, 139pp, $16.95. Available from AD Books)

The Holy Shroud, or the Shroud of Turin, is the most remarkable of all Christian relics and has been the object of profound devotion for several centuries. Based on the renowned work of Monsignor Ricci, the author Antonio Cassanelli surveys the history of the Shroud and in particular its religious significance.

The text is woven around the five stages of the Passion as depicted in the Gospel narratives: Flagellation, Crowning with thorns, way of the Cross, Crucifixion and Burial, and the Shroud as evidence. Cassanelli's argument is supported by recent scientific research and supplemented by unique diagrams and pictorial depictions of the role of the Shroud in the Passion of Christ.

The strength of the book lies in the spiritual reflections based on the role of the Shroud in the Christian story and is recommended for Lenten reflection.

Gabrielle Walsh is National Secretary of the Australian Family Association.

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