The Great Deliverance

The Great Deliverance

Marion Craig

St Francis of Assisi (4 October)

All nature groans and travails for release,
The sinless creature suffers sore as we,
Looks for the Great Deliverance and Peace,
Yearns for a dawn beneficent and free.

If cruelty be worst of all our sins,
Pity and solace are the gift of God,
Love is the remedy that Pity wins,
For man, and lowlier creatures of the sod.

Dear love is true, beneficent, and kind,
Bestowed on all Creation high and low,
On all we human creatures of the mind,
And simpler creatures. God has willed it so,
For sure, if love secure this earth contained,
Earth would be earthly Paradise Regained.

- Marion Craig

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