The Footy Show (letter)

The Footy Show (letter)

Patricia Kelly

Alan Hoysted's comments regarding The Footy Show are timely, considering a segment I witnessed in the Grand Final Edition of 25 September.

Hosting a series of clips from episodes throughout the season, Eddie McGuire introduced one in particular as footage of "a very young Sam Newman". What followed was a film clip of a very young baby in a pram playing with a doll. What this innocent appeared to be doing with the doll (taken in the context of McGuire's remarks), cannot be described here. The film seemed to have been speeded up for maximum effect.

I was so sickened, I turned off the television and could watch no more. After a few minutes spent composing myself, I rang Channel 9 to express my disgust. I had no trouble getting through and got the impression I may have been alone in my outrage. The clip was like one from a "funniest home videos" type of program and thus must have been shown at least twice before.

Have we become so desensitised that we can watch innocent little babies being degraded and have no sense of horror? Would the presenters and producers of The Footy Show allow images of their own infants to be exploited in this manner? I think not.

We can bleat all we like about child pornography, but when a top-rating sports show on mainstream television can sneak in an image such as the above, in the name of comedy, and cause not a ripple, then God help Australia's children.

Sunbury, Vic

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