The death sentence cannot be justified

The death sentence cannot be justified

Anne Lastman

I write in response to Mr Scheiner’s letter to editor concerning the death sentence and my take on it.

I have recently read His Holiness Pope Francis speak on this issue and say that in these times there is no need for death sentence. We can and must find ways to deal with wrong doers in humane rather than primitive ways.

What was humane about keeping two convicted drug traffickers and others in prison for ten years and then executing them? And further which part of the commandments or beatitudes say that its OK to kill for certain reasons?

I guess it’s the same as those who would say that abortion a child for foetal abnormality is OK because of its disability or aborting a child because it was conceived in rape because of the manner of its conception.

Indeed we are a fickle and selective lot.

Victims of Abortion,
Vermont South, Vic.

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