The Church and liberalism

The Church and liberalism

Peter Gilet

I recently spoke with a friend of mine, a priest in Perth who said, with a sad shake of the head, that he thought liberalism would eventually overtake the whole church.

“We have lost,” he said. I laughed at his doom-laden tones and said that all those bad things like liberalism in the church and political correctness in the world would eventually go. Why, I said with a chuckle, did he not think more like a crusader, and remember their victory over impossible odds?

Then I went to confession in St Mary's Cathedral and as those dozen or so of the faithful knelt and tried to pray, a nun wearing a sensible suit and a grey rinse, led a class of Munchkin primary students in their strange livery all around the cathedral and held a continuous lesson for the students.

She then moved right next to where we were lined up for the confessional, but at that stage I asked the penitent next to me to mind my place and went and spoke to the nun.

Without success, for she gave me a dazzling smile and explained with patient forbearance that they would only be a couple of minutes more.

I would like to report that I stoutly accused her of sacrilege and said that she should not have even entered the cathedral at all with all those small and irreverent barbarians, but I merely mumbled something and slunk back to my seat, getting my place back with only a little trouble.

Perhaps my priest friend was right after all.

Belmont, WA

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