The Ballad of Antichrist

The Ballad of Antichrist

Andrew Huntley

The Ballad of Antichrist* (01.01.01 - 0)

Midnight - mid-night - millenium,
Now casting all behind,
The noon of zero shuddering:
My light invades mankind!

New century - a namelessness
As heaven disappears -
With Christmas snuffed in unbelief
How start a course of years?

spring -
Around the point of pain.

Many have found my faithless cause
Many have claimed my strife,
Many have made my blinding charge
Against that light in life,

To break its tyranny of law
To tear the creature free,
In life torn separate at last
To master the agony;

But always love in servile time
Could weave the web anew,
Seeming so weak, proving too strong ...
Until a stroke ago.

*See Matthew 6:22-23

© Andrew Huntley 13.3.01

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