Ten Commandments (letter)

Ten Commandments (letter)

Arthur Negus

By inference, Fr Frank Brennan SJ has a public difference with God because of the form of the Ten Commandments as delivered to Moses (Exodus 20:1-17).

One Commandment is a "do"; two are fifty-fifty; the rest are "don'ts". However, a "don't" implies a "do", e.g., don't commit a murder means do respect human life; don't tell a lie means tell the truth.

Where is the turnoff to "Catholic graduates" in exhorting them to respect human life and to always tell the truth?

To love is to wish well. In respecting human life and in telling the truth, one effectively wishes others well. How does Father Brennan define love, with particular reference to the Ten Commandments?

Tuggerawong, NSW

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