Telling the truth (letter)

Telling the truth (letter)

Teresa Martin

I was thrilled to see the letter by Mavis Power in the February AD2000. Since then I have been in touch with her to offer to be a contact person in my area.

It is so very devastating to have to go to so many different parishes to find a good and loyal priest who says Mass the way it should be said. The watering down of the faith that is taking place - and has been for quite a few years - has done nothing to attract more people to the faith or to the priesthood.

When the guidelines were clear and not clouded as they are made out to be today, there were many vocations and the churches were full. Now, with the wishy-washy feel-good teachings being promoted by modernists we see empty seminaries, empty churches and empty hearts.

Only with truly devout prayer and devout teachings will things turn around. But the truth about what is happening to our faith, parishes and families due to this lack of Godly leadership must be told.

So, once again, thank you for bringing Mavis' letter to our attention.

Clifton Hill, Qld

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