Jeremias Wijeyeratne

I refer to Grahame Fallon's letter on the subject matter in your issue of February 2009. He contends that some Catholics regard the 'silencing' of Teilhard before and after his death - especially the Monitum issued by the Holy Office (now CDF) in 1962 and again by the Press Office in 1981 - as amounting to nothing other than a declaration of heresy.

The validity of the Monitum against Teilhard's writings had not been rescinded according to a letter issued by the Apostolic Delegation, Washington, DC, dated 20 October 1967 and effective sine die.

In 1965 Father Arrupe, Superior-General of the Jesuits, declared that Teilhard 'was neither a philosopher nor a theologian [and] had erroneous and ambiguous concepts. He was obscure, changeable, immature and not capable of clearly expressing himself.'

A host of other recorded impediments that pre-empted any positive view of his writings is available.

Clayton, Vic

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