Teachings rejected by Bishop Robinson

Teachings rejected by Bishop Robinson

Kevin McManus

I read with sadness and alarm Michael Gilchrist's report in the October AD2000 on the recent book by Bishop Robinson, Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church.

It seems that the Bishop's manifesto, while a blend of Arianism, Calvinism and Modernism, is much worse since by doubting original sin, it throws suspicion upon the whole reason for redemption.

Bishop Robinson appears not to believe in:

* The inerrancy of Sacred Scripture, e.g., The Book of Genesis.

* The Divinity of Christ.

* The Council of Chalcedon.

* The doctrines of the Ascension and the Assumption.

* The Last Supper and the Real Presence of Christ.

* The Apostles and Nicene Creeds.

* Petrine authority and papal infallibility.

* The First Vatican Council.

* The ban on contraception, active homosexuality and divorce and remarriage.

* Clerical celibacy and the male priesthood.

It was precisely to address such views as Bishop Robinson's that Pope John Paul II issued his Apostolic Letter, Ad Tuendam Fidem, in 1998.

Ashfield, NSW

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